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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Skies August/September 2019

Skies August/September 2019


August/September 2019


Roller-coaster ride

From triumphant highs to desperate lows, the story of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has forever changed the Canadian aerospace landscape.

By Kenneth I. Swartz


History in flight

Waterloo Warbirds operates and maintains a diverse fleet of vintage jets – and its team members are inviting all warbird enthusiasts to live the experience alongside them.

By Robert Williamson


Help in the hangar

The global pilot shortage has been in the news, but there’s been less coverage of the need for aircraft maintenance engineers. Yet, aircraft won’t be flying if there is no one to fix them.

By Lisa Gordon


2019 Aircraft Maintenance Training Directory

Skies presents a current list of Canadian schools offering aviation maintenance and engineering programs.

Compiled by Robert Williamson


Capable contender

Some might look at the Piper M600 and mistake it for “just another Meridian.” But, while Piper has retained some familiar features, it has also introduced several significant improvements.

By Conrad Hatcher


Crossing over

Transitioning from the military world to civilian life can be a daunting life change. Here, a recent veteran of the process shares some tips for a smooth journey.

By Andy Cook


From Buckets to BATTs – the SEI story

SEI Industries’ focus on engineering expertise and nimble innovation has led to a wide range of products, including the Bambi Bucket and the Bulk Aviation Transport Tank.

By Howard Slutsken




Maverick at Mirabel: Aerocycle takes a new look at old aircraft

By Ted Delanghe  |  Photos Courtesy of Aerocycle



2019 Elsie Awards to honour exceptional women in aviation and aerospace

By Robert Williamson





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