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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Skies October/November 2019

Skies October/November 2019


A Matter of Perception

A candid roundtable with four of Canada’s most prominent business aviation leaders reveals some of the pressing operational issues currently facing their flight departments.

By Lisa Gordon


The Swiss Utility Jet

Pilatus Aircraft’s PC-24 “Super Versatile Jet” received its Canadian type certificate on June 27, 2019. With unique design features that differentiate the twinjet from its competitors – and a healthy order book to boot – the PC-24 seems poised for success in the light jet market.

By Frederick K. Larkin


Sims for Schools

Flight simulation technology has come a long way. Though there’s little doubt that a sim can benefit students during flight training, it’s important for schools to choose the manufacturer and model that meshes with their aircraft fleet and instructional philosophies.

By Howard Slutsken


Aged to Perfection

When Vancouver Island Air’s Turbine Otter needed an engine, the company embarked on the certification process for a more efficient PT6A-140A powerplant. The result? A homegrown solution that leaves other turbine-powered Otters playing catch-up.

By Robert Erdos


Erratic Flight Path

Political interests and corporate marketing campaigns have muddied the waters surrounding the selection of Canada’s next fighter jet fleet. Here, we illuminate some of the competition’s main considerations. 

By Alan Stephenson


Diversity Matters

Canadian general aviation owners and pilots – and U.S. pilots who fly north of the border – could be faced with an upcoming challenge to equip with antenna diversity-type avionics. Now, stakeholders are pushing back on the possible Nav Canada performance mandate. 

By Norm Matheis





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