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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Vertical 911 Spring

Vertical 911 Spring


COVER STORY: The Tiltrotor Revolution

We went behind the scenes with the VMM-164 Knightriders to learn how the MV-22B Osprey has revolutionized U.S. Marine Corps Aviation.

By Skip Robinson


DIGI BONUS: The road to becoming a tiltrotor aircraft commander

What it takes to become pilot-in-command of an MV-22B.

By Capt. Ross Studwell 


Safety Net

How the situational awareness tool Airbox is evolving into a powerful tactical system.

By Jon Duke


DIGI BONUS: On the job with Elifriulia

Italy’s Elifriulia has expanded its capabilities with new Airbus H145s.

By Samuel Prétat 


Beyond the FRAT

Two LAPD pilots share lessons learned in risk management.

By Jack H. Schonely and Mark Bolanos


Cold Frontier

The Finnish Border Guard tackles diverse missions in sub-zero temps.

By jon duke


DIGI BONUS: Greenland’s SAR Responders

Air Greenland covers a vast search-and-rescue area with Sikorsky S-61Ns.

By Neil Dunridge




Focus On Professionalism

HAA Corner

Focus on Safety



Final Apprach