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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Vertical - August/September 2008 (V7I4)

Vertical - August/September 2008 (V7I4)


A 21st Century S-61
The latest Carson Helicopters' improvements to the S-61 include the first-ever glass cockpit.

R66: Certification Blues
Why the new R66 is taking so long to be certified.

More... With Less
With wildland fires getting bigger and more frequent operators need a tool to help them do more.

Out in the Wilderness
From fire fighting buckets to environmental protection, SEI has made a name for itself creating products that allow companies to work in and protect our wildlands.

A Singular Creation
The Eagle Single begins life as a used twin-engine Bell 212, but is reborn as a new single-engine hauler.

Size Matters
Small operators must rely on effort and innovation to overcome the challenges they face.

So, You Wanna Be a Motion Picture Pilot?
Maybe more than any other sector flying for movies and tv can be a difficult dream to realize.

Camp Life
In part one of our new series, we look at what it's like to live and work in a remote camp.