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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Vertical - August/September 2015 (V14I4)

Vertical - August/September 2015 (V14I4)


Over Tropical Waters
National Helicopter Services Limited introduces the S-76D into its offshore fleet in the Caribbean.

Jurassic Copter
The story of the true star of Jurassic World — a revived EC130 B4.

When Safety Management Systems Fail
Why aren’t safety management systems preventing more accidents?

Best View in the House
How Canadian operators could be set to cash in on aerial tourism.

Charting Bristow’s Course
Bristow’s CEO on its continuing evolution

Continuing the Fight
Ex-Army Chinooks begin their civilian role.

Cleared for Takeoff
Vertical evaluates the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS.

Leading the Charge
Yellowhead Helicopters takes a step into the future with the launch of Yellowhead Unmanned.

Show me the Money!
How to create a break-even analysis chart to better visualize your company’s cash flow.

Strike Avoidance
What have we learned to help reduce the danger of flying into birds?