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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image Vertical August/September 2017

Vertical August/September 2017



The MovieHawk

Helinet begins a new chapter of film-making with Sikorsky UH-60A ‘MovieHawk’.

By Oliver Johnson


Who’s in Control?

Canadian industry stakeholders reflect on the impact of airspace privatization.

By Jen Boyer


The Robot Co-Pilot

Sikorsky’s plan to use autonomy to make human-piloted helicopters safer.

By Elan Head


Help from Above

How the rotary-wing world is helping fight Africa’s rhino poaching problem.

By Ben Forrest


Cottage Country Support

Heli Muskoka has developed some interesting operations as it adapts to its unique environment.

By Oliver Johnson


DIGITAL BONUS: Flying the Flag

How PhilJets is aiming to improve more than just aviation access across the Philippines.

By Oliver Johnson


Next-Gen Sims

What can we expect from the next generation of simulators?

By Howard Slutsken


Vertical’s Global Sim Directory

Discover every simulator and training device down to Level 5 in capability.


Growing Pains

How changes in the weather affect those working in agricultural operations.

By Ed Brotak


Innovation Through Collaboration

Behind the scenes at cargo basket and bike rack manufacturer Aero Design.

By Ben Forrest